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Hey everyone, Trublaze420 here thanking you for viewing my site, I'm a Gameplay Youtuber/game advisor/game critic, offering to give you the best gaming walkthroughs, reviews, spoilers, trailers,and screenshots. Basically anything to do with gaming, and I'll be uploading my new gameplay everyday Monday thru Saturday. Soon to come: my new rants and raves of the day. Mostly about Games and sometimes about other things. I've just recently got my business in motion Eye of the Controller (Google+) Eye of the Controller (Youtube Channel) Eye of the Controller@facebook and #eyeofthecontroller if you want to share anything to twitter. Eye of the Controller will provide gameplay walkthroughs, reviews, and anything the fans want. for more exclusive gameplay footage and screenshots, as well as my personal thoughts of the day. I'm on Twitter @trublaze420. Also I look forward to meeting you all online and chatting with you personally about your love of games. Become a member of EOC today!!; for more exclusive material. All Gamers Welcome. Please take two seconds to like or Subscribe. Both are free and greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your support and hope you enjoy the app. Well it's been a pleasure and a honor to share my thoughts with you. Til next time take care... Your friend, Trublaze420

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I look forward to seeing your views and comments. You can view all of my videos on my Youtube Channel: Eye of the Controller. I hope you'll join me in my dream and continue to support me Trublaze420 your friendly neighborhood youtuber:) Also if anyone can show me how to put a twitch box on my webpage that'd be great.





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